Automated Diagnostic Tools

With our cutting edge diagnostic system, we can quickly and accurately pinpoint and fix exactly what is making your PC sick. 

Laptop and Mac Screen Repair

We can repair your damaged screen. We fix touch screens and LCD on most models. 

Virus Removal and OS Repair

Our superior commercial-grade virus software will eradicate those pesky bugs. We install FREE leading anti-virus software  to help prevent future infections. We can also repair errors in your operating system and its registry. 

Connectivity Issues

We can diagnose and fix most internet connectivity problems you may be experiencing. 

Power and Battery

Not powering up? We can fix that, too. 

Upgrades and Custom Builds

 Need more RAM? Better graphics? A formidable gaming machine? Don't know what you need but know you need more? Tell us what you do the most and we can recommend and build the perfect machine for your needs. Also offer all types of Windows PC repair in Picayune.